United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Employment Services Agency (TaESA)

Prime Minister's Office Labour,Employment,Youth and People with Disability

Job Search Workshop

This service is offered to all registered job seekers. The responsible officers advise jobseekers on the preparation of CVs and distribute them to potential employers when requested to do so. TaESA conducts training sessions on interviewing techniques which are open to any jobseeker.

Placement Services

These services include registration and preliminary interview to jobseekers, job development (employers’ contacts and visitation), job matching (matching job seekers skills with employers’ job requirements) and referral of job seekers to relevant employment opportunities.

Labour Market Information

These Services include the collection, processing, analysis and dissemination of Labour Research Market Information to various stakeholders including the Government, investors, employers, training institutions as well as the general public.

Employment Counceling

This Service is provided to all jobseekers/employers regardless their economic means. The responsible officers normally use verbal means eg. Face to face communication.

Public and Private Employment Service Agencies Regulation

Private Employment Services Agencies are regulated through registering and monitoring by TaESA. The Agency ensures that private employment services agencies are operating in accordance to National Laws, regulations, policies and other established labour and employment standards...

Cross border placement services

These services include the following:-Sourcing and securing employment opportunities for Tanzanian abroad in the Diaspora,Facilitation of the recruitment of suitably qualified Tanzanian working or studying abroad to fill skill gaps in Tanzania,Approve employment contracts for Tanzanians who have

Vocational Guidance

Vocational guidance service has been offered to jobseekers for the purpose of helping them to develop and accept an integrated and adequate picture of themselves and their role in the world of work.


“The vision of TaESA is to be a dynamic and effective organization in the provision of employment services in areas of placement services to the public and private sectors”


“The mission of TaESA is to provide high quality and efficient employment services in areas of placement services to the public and private sectors in Tanzania, Africa and beyond”