United Republic of Tanzania

Tanzania Employment Services Agency (TaESA)

Prime Minister's Office Labour,Employment,Youth and People with Disability

Background Information

Tanzania Employment Services Agency (TaESA) is a government agency established under the Executive Agency Act. No. 30 of 1997. It was established in the spirit of the government in converting some of its departments and units into executive agencies for the purpose of improving the delivery of public services, creating an environment conducive to efficient and effective management, improving the quality of employment services which was provided by the department of employment in the Ministery  Labour and Employment.

Major Functions of TaESA

Connecting jobseekers to employment opportunities, Coordinating, facilitating and monitoring cross-border placement services, Collecting, analysing and disseminating Labour Market Information (LMI) to stakeholders and the general public, Providing job search skills training, career guidance and employment counselling, Providing Consultancy on employment services related issues